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About us

We are providing the best counseling for your Career at an affordable price. Jai EduCare has team of highly experienced Counsellors.we are the best career counsellor in delhi

About us – Jai Educare is one of the leading career guidance organizations dedicated to the guidance of medical, engineering, law and management students. In today’s scenario, students are crowded with a wide number of colleges and courses for placing their career in the right direction, but more choices often lead to confusion and wrong decisions are being made. Our motto is to remove such confusions and guide students for the best colleges in India within their stipulated terms and abilities. JAI EDUCARE  is honoured to be associated with many esteemed colleges & Universities with a hope that our association will help students find proper guidance & lucrative opportunities to brighten up their future. We have successfully guided thousands of students for their dream courses and colleges.

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Affordable Price

Jai EduCare provides best service in affordable prices so every class of society able to choose best career options.

Experienced Counsellors

Jai EduCare have team of highly Experienced and well known Counselors in educational Counselling and Consultant.

24/7 Support

After purchasing our membership plan. We assign dedicated member of Jai EduCare. they will assist you Whenever you need them.

Popular questions

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I take admission on my own? Why do I need an admission counselor?
    Yes, You can. If your NEET Score is very good (650+) then you can secure admission in the college of your choice If NEET Score gets lower, the admission to the college becomes a matter of strategy decided on the basis of choice filling. If you fill in the right choice of college, you can get the admission in the best college with the lowest fees budget. If you don't fill the right choice, you may lose a seat in dream college and/or pay higher fees. Jai Educare will help you make the right choices to ensure you get the admission in the best college in lowest fees. In the extreme case, students one mistake may lose their security deposit in some colleges. Jai Educare will help you save those losses by guiding you through the admission counseling process.
  • Will Jai Educare offer any guaranteed admission?
    No. Admission to medical colleges happen through a government mandated counseling process.NO other person or agency can influence this process. Jai Educare doesn't believe in making any false claim in this regard as we were in this profession for last over 9 years.
  • Why there is difference in consultancy fees of Jai Educare?
    Jai Educare offers the most honest and transparent consultancy fees structure which is based on NEET/JEEMains Score/Rank, Fees budget and Category. The counseling fees are defined on the basis of time and efforts involved in securing the admission for candidates. As you might have observed, if the student's NEET Score is high, our consultancy fees is very less (In fact it is free if the candidate has scored 640+ marks in NEET) because time and efforts involved in securing the admission for that candidate will be much less as compared to candidate with lower NEET Score. That's the reason Jai Educare offers the most affordable and transparent fees structure for true Guidance..
  • How can I trust Jai Educare?
    Jai Educare is a professionally managed company which is owned by Mr. Jai who has 9 year Experience in Medical/Engineering counseling profession. Jai Educare is operating in this profession for over 9 years through its permanent office in Pitampura New Delhi. Over 9 years, Jai Educare has helped more than 1000+ students get admission in their dream colleges. That's the reason, Mr.Jai has reference/ past clients in practically every district of India. His reputation can be confirmed by contacting the past clients/references which can be furnished on request. New Client can check Google Reviews Given by our Past Clients.
  • What will Jai Educare do if I enroll for their services?
    Jai Educare will ensure that you get all the required information regarding college forms, last dates, counseling schedule and fees deposit dates. Jai Educare will guide you in choosing the right forms to be filled and right choices to be entered for admission counseling. Jai Educare will help you save time, money and hassles on admission counseling. All facilities get under one roof.. Jai Educare has awareness of these variables to help the client get admission in best possible college in lowest fees. Jai Educare will help save you money as well. If you fill in the form of a college where there is no chance of your admission, then you will waste money on form filling as well as hassle and anxiety of counseling process.
  • How shall I pay the fees? Is the consultancy fee refundable in case I don't get admission?
    Jai Educare's professional fees shall be payable in advance through cash/cheque/online bank transfer. You are most welcome to visit Jai Educare office to get help on payment of fees. This fee is not refundable except for NRI/Management quota fees which may be refunded in case Jai Educare fails to get a seat for the candidate.
  • I want to know some information about admission criteria and process. Can Jai Educare provide me information only without charging any consultancy fees?
    Jai Educare strongly believe that medical admission counseling requires intelligence not the information. In fact, over last 9 years we have seen many people who suffered because they could not convert information into intelligence. That's the reason we as policy don't want to misguide or confuse students with information. Moreover, Google has made the information freely available to all, one can always get information from internet. Jai Educare however shares the right information through whatapp.. We believe that your concern shall be securing admission for the child in best college in lowest fees and Jai Educare will guide you for the admission through their acquired expertise.